Tailor-made from the concept to the assembly

Bakokko manage tailored projects, respecting the customer’s personality and providing turn-key solutions where majesty and perfection are enhanced by unique details.


Vision, dreams, charm & desires take shape

The concept starts at the moment we understand the customer’s taste & needs. The best moment to do this is during our preliminary meeting with the customer when we discuss, share and define together the qualitative & functional features of the project. During this brainstorming phase, customer & company bring out the most of their imagination.

Should Bakokko consider it useful, they could ask for approval to perform an inspection at site to clarify any doubts before to build a preliminary project complete with budgetary cost.


The knowhow at the service of your vision

During this phase the project is fully developed, defining the detailed list of activities to perform and allowing the customer to have a full view at architectural level. The project development is the result of collaboration between matter experts within the company but also between the company and operators at sites, if necessary.

Once the project is defined the company is able to provide a detailed economic offer.


Transforming your home in pure charm

Last but not least phase of a project is the assembly. The customer will evaluate the work done not only having a panoramic view but appreciating all the details.

As in all things, the details make the difference. Bakokko relies on specialists for the assembly of their furniture to match their high end-to-end process standards and reach perfection.


The right solutions to meet your dream

This project phase is often under evaluated. It is, though, one of the most important as a precise and detailed survey at site is fundamental for a better developed project.

Bakokko use the most modern and advanced technologies to perform the surveys.


Your desire becomes true

Bakokko Team is made by “artists” such as decorators, carvers, carpenters, & specialists who transform the wood, or other raw materials, into real artwork.

Bakokko manufacturing process leverages the most advanced technologies and use certified mechanisms & hardware respecting high standards and applying scrupulous controls.